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Release version 0.9


New features

  • Create your own "Label Format" in In, Mm or Cm.
  • Keep the last selected "Label Format" instead of resetting to "None".

  • Keep the last selected "Zoom" instead of resetting to "100%".
  • Keep "ZPL Command" panel width on fullscreen.

  • Bug correction

  • Assistant generate wrong ZPL code for some command.
  • Preferences/Variable End string populated false.

  • Other

    Thanks to Steve W., Ralf and Alexandre D. for their bug reports and suggestions.

    Download ZPLDesigner Download ZPLDesigner

    Release version 0.8


    New features

  • Preview windows can be unpin on another windows/screen.
  • Print on local Zebra (USB, LPT1, COM) with Labelary.
  • Add ^CF, ^CW, ^FL, ^HT and ^LF command.
  • New desgin for ZPL Assistant.

  • Bug correction

  • ^B4 command parameters was wrong.

  • Download ZPLDesigner Download ZPLDesigner

    Release version 0.7


    New features

  • Variables substitution feature.
  • Add status bar.
  • Add ? / Help menu.
  • General performance optimisation.

  • Bug correction

  • Out of memory message when preview from a Zebra printer.
  • ZPL Help for a command was sometimes updated when not needed.

  • Download ZPLDesigner Download ZPLDesigner

    Release version 0.6


    New features

  • Label size can now be customized using cm, mm or inch with or a local zebra.
  • Support Open with from Windows explorer right click.
  • Autocrop label image.
  • Add File/Preferences menu to customize ZPL code editor (font, size, color and variable start/stop string).

  • Bug correction

  • Label rotation work now correctly when submiting a previously rendered ZPL code.
  • ^B7 assistant run now correctly.
  • Label size was sometime not correctly displayed when rendering from a local zebra.
  • Error message from are now fully displayed.

  • Release version 0.5.1


    New features

  • Add ZPL commands ^ML, ^MD, ^MN and ^MT.
  • Support ZPL code that doesn't generate any labels (example: ^XA^FOI^XZ).

  • Bug correction

  • Label detection (start with ^XA, end with ^XZ) work now correctly.

  • Release version 0.5


    New features

  • Support several labels on code editor.
  • Choose your ZPL render engine: a local Zebra printer or webservice.

  • Release version 0.4


    New features

  • Check for update at startup.
  • ZPL command parameters are now display more clearly.
  • ZPL command can now be sorted by name or category (Barcode, Text, Graphic,...).
  • A search box is now available on ZPL command list.
  • An assistant will help you to use ZPL command.

  • Release version 0.3


    New features

  • Show ZPL command help depending on carret position.
  • Convert image to ZPL code by using Insert / Image menu.

  • Bug correction

  • Http 400 error when using character '=' in ZPL code

  • Release version 0.2


    Initial Release